Ag-Liner, Inc. has been providing monofilament line since 2004. Our monofilament products are widely used for trellising, oyster growing, shade cloths, fencing, horse fencing, cattle fencing, and high density fruit trellising. Ag-Liner’s monofilament products are found in many industries including oyster, vineyards, fruit growing, fencing, cattle fencing, horse fencing, and greenhouses.

Ag-Liner is celebrating its 15th year as the exclusive North American distributor of Bayco™ monofilament manufactured by Perlon®.

Perlon ® is an innovative, global company specializing in the manufacturing of synthetic filaments.  Perlon filaments are used in a variety of applications ranging from agriculture, paper machinery, technical textiles, machine grade brushes, and cosmetic and dental hi-tech applications.  Perlon has manufacturing plants Germany, USA and China.

Bayco™ has long been considered the highest quality monofilament in the world. Perlon has earned this honor from Bayco’s consistent high quality. Our ability to manufacture large diameter monofilaments with consistent strength and elongation is unparalleled. Our skilled engineers work with our customers to develop monofilaments made specifically for their individual applications. Bayco is UV protected to ensure maximum life. Worldwide, Bayco uses range from the trellis of fruit trees and vineyards, structural support of tarps to protect water, for the structural support of hail coverings to protect crops from devastating damage, for long line support of oyster baskets and for animal containment and perimeter fencing of land.