Ag-Liner, Inc. is the lead distributor for Bayco™ Monofilaments in the United States. Since 2004 we have been providing high quality monofilaments throughout the nation for use in trellising, oyster growing, greenhouse shade cloths, netting support systems, and livestock fencing.

Demand for high quality alternatives to wire has grown significantly in the last 10 years and is predicted to continue this growth due to the positive results when switching from wire. Labor costs are reduced in every installation, structural netting and shade cloths are given extended lifespans when supported by polyamide monofilaments, and fruit growers experience greater yields when using mechanical harvesters due to lower vibrations in the line.

Perlon ® is an innovative, global company specializing in the manufacturing of synthetic filaments.  Perlon filaments are used in a variety of applications ranging from agriculture, paper machinery, technical textiles, machine grade brushes, and cosmetic and dental hi-tech applications.

Bayco™ has long been considered the highest quality monofilament in the world. Perlon has earned this honor from Bayco’s sophisticated extrusion methods and from utilizing only the top grade raw materials.

Perlon is envied for its perfection when extruding large diameter monofilaments with consistent strength. Mastery of the extrusion process allows for predictable elongation which no other manufacturer can compete. Our skilled engineers work with our customers to develop monofilaments made specifically for their individual applications. Bayco is UV protected to ensure its long lifespan.