DuraLine Advantages

  • Proven History – Over thirty years of successful agricultural use in Europe, Australia, and Americas.
  • Maintenance Free – Requires no re-tensioning due to low thermal coefficient. DuraLine is virtually maintenance free reducing labor needs.
  • Lightweight – Seven times lighter than wire, easier and less time to install reducing labor needs and lower shipping costs.
  • Non-conductive – Does not conduct electricity making it safe in lightning, resulting in less damage to plants, netting, and irrigation systems.
  • High Insulation – DuraLine will not carry heat or cold protecting plants in contact with line reducing damage from heat and frost.
  • Drip Hose Line Support – Lower Maintenance and easy installation.
  • UV Resistant – Ultraviolet resistant which preserves tenacity and function for decades.
  • Inert/Corrosion Free – Highly resistant to pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Features a permanent, smooth surface that prevents friction and will not rust.
  • Mechanical Harvesters – Minimal vibrations results in greater fruit yields when using mechanical harvesters.
  • Easy Installation – Installs quickly and easily due to its lightweight. No springs or ratchets are needed for installation. Multiple rows can be installed simultaneously saving time and labor.
  • Competitively Priced with Steel Wire – Competitively priced when factoring in lower labor needs, higher fruit yields, and lower accessory costs.
  • Safety – Limited recoil if broken and safer to install than high tensile wire.
  • Load Capacity – Above average.


  • PET has limited elasticity and will kink, DuraLine’s memory will not kink resulting in easier maneuvering of catch wires and longer lifespan for netting and trellis installations.
  • PET snaps at 14% elongation as compared to 23% with DuraLine which results in DuraLine’s longer lifespan, higher fruit yields, and longer life for materials being supported.
  • PET requires more force to stretch up to a required length as compared to DuraLine. This alleviates strain exerted on the end posts.
  • PET will not return to its original shape after stretching for tension. DuraLine’s innate memory allows the line to rebound back to its original shape.
  • PET can only be produced up to a 2.5mm diameter. Diameter’s larger than this will result in inconsistent shape and strength. DuraLine can be extruded up to 6mm diameters with perfect shape, consistent strength and elongation.