I found this product to be substantially lighter than conventional high tensile wire. This attribute made for easier installation, which was greatly appreciated by the ones who installed the DURA-LINE. When it came to the stretching and tying off of the DURA-LINE to the end posts this task was found to be easier because of the DURA-LINES pliable nature. I also found that this product did not have to be re-tightened year after year. This product was used on one acre of a recently developed vineyard at the California State University, Fresno farm laboratory. The DURA-LINE was installed on a standard 18” T-trellis. The DURA-LINE was utilized for the two catch wires, the cordon wire, and the drip hose wire.

The Dura-line product is holding up well.

The table grape application worked great. Very easy to move the line in the spring to capture and move the shoots into position. Also easy and quick to tuck any shoots that were missed in the initial moving of the wire. Shoots may have been missed due to angle of growth or the shoot length was not long enough at the time of line movement. This process made fruit more accessible for harvest and opened up the canopy to more light which should increase crop potential for next season and also more light on the fruit increased the color of the fruit. This product is wonderful for this application as a moveable catch wire. The vineyard is Scarlet Royal table grapes which is a large red seedless developed by Dr. Ramming of the USDA. The trellis system is a closed gable of wood construction.

Mark Salwasser
Vineyard Technician
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology
California State University, Fresno

First and foremost thank you Ross and Chris for your donation and contribution of the Dura-Line monofilament trellis line that was installed in our newly re-developed Swan Clone Pinot Noir block. Cal Poly recently installed 2.5mm (catch wire) and the 4.0mm (cordon wire) monofilament line. This particular block utilizes 8*5 spacing on VSP trellis system trained to unilateral cordon configuration. The Dura-Line trellis line installation was completely installed with students from the wine and viticulture major. The weight of this material vs. conventional wire is the obvious difference. Positive aspects working with the monofilament line is it’s light weight, safe to work with and stretches easily and tying off on row end posts is extremely efficient. The students could easily pull two sets of catch wires for each row, stretch to the desired length, and tie off using a John Deer Gator. Now granted, the rows were only 500 feet long but once the technique was mastered it was quickly completed. I utilized three students for catch and cordon wire installation with the cordon wire stretched using the TK 90A New Holland.

Looking toward the future and evaluating durability; as the vineyard progresses from new vine plantings to harvested vines the Dura-Line will be tested when pruning during dormant season, mechanical hedging before netting, mechanical leaf pull after veraison, and damage from occasional tractor blight. Nonetheless, to re-secure or Gripple the monofilament line if damaged will be a simpler and safer undertaking. In conclusion, I’m impressed with the Dura-Line product and as Cal Poly continues to be SIP certified (Sustainability in Practice-Central Coast Vineyard Team) Dura-Line lends itself well as a sustainable vineyard teaching tool. In addition, I have received numerous positive comments and questions from local wine grape growers, faculty, and students since our installation. I look forward to using the product on our future plantings.

Mark Welch, M.S.
Horticulture & Crop Science Dept.
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93407

DURA-LINE has been a saving grace here at Counts Hollow Vineyard, as I do most of the vineyard work myself. From layout of the vineyard on, I knew DURA-LINE was what I needed. No sudden electrical storms can stop me from my work and it’s easy on my back. With so much else to worry about each growing season here in Missouri, I know I never have to worry about my trellis systems breaking down. Thank you DURA-LINE for your great product and service.

Merv Schrock
Vineyard Manager
Counts Hollow Vineyard

I just wanted to bring you up to date on our demonstration work with Dura-Line. We are comparing 12.5 gauge high tensile wire to 12.5 gauge and 8 gauge Dura-Line. The wire was tensioned to 270 pounds and the Dura-Line was stretched 3 feet per 100 feet of trellis row. We measured sag on the wire and monofilament midway between posts using a 30 pound pull. At installation, the high tensile wire sagged about 6 to 7 inches, the 8 gauge Dura-Line sagged between 8 and 10 inches and the 12.5 gauge Dura-Line sagged between 13 and 14 inches. We will repeat these measurements throughout the summer and next winter.

The Dura-Line installed last fall certainly seemed to be as tight as at installation, although we have no numbers to confirm this. Working with the Dura-Line certainly is more enjoyable than installing High tensile wire. Not only is the Dura-Line lighter, but installation is far easier. After I located the appropriate tool to aid us in stretching the Dura-Line, installation is very easy. I anticipate using the Dura-Line I have in excess of the above trials in demonstrations on grower farms.

Dave Lockwood
Plant Sciences
University of Tennessee

When I look at this product it makes me smile! I’m always trying to think of new things that I think would be better in my vineyard. I tried using baling twine it was cheap and light weight but by the end of the second year it fell apart. The Dura-line would have made my first attempts work. We will be changing over all our catch wire to Dura-line over the next 2 years. I never had a wire for the drip tube so now the tube will be straight and not get in the way of between vine weed cleaning. The icing on the cake is no more Gripples. Just tie it off with a fisherman’s knot and away you go. If it would break again a simple a fisherman’s weight knot and its fixed. Keep up the great work. When others try it they’ll see how easy putting wires up should be!

If anyone wants to see it in my vineyard please contact me and I’d be happy to show!

Rick Kasmier (Kaz)
Kaz Winery
233 Adobe Canyon Rd.
Kenwood, CA 95452

WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I FINALLY GOT TO WORK WITH THE CATCH WIRE THIS WEEKEND. It was a pleasure to work with. No binding, or large reels to handle. Using the Bayco/Dura-line post clips, plus a Gripple the work went fast, plus it was easy. Now that I have finished the planting, I will be concentrating on the wire installation. I know you showed tying the line at the end each row. I found it just as easy to stretch the line and use a Gripple; doing the final stretch with the Gripple tool. Last year I installed the traditional wire on my First vines and it took me over an hour to complete one short row. With your product, I was able to do two of the same size rows and I went back and removed what I installed last year, then replaced it with the Dura-Line product; all within one hour. What a time saver!!!!!!!!!!. This weekend I plan to start installing Cordon wires and am looking forward to the ease of installation.

Paul Crowley
Still River Vineyard
Woodstock Valley, Ct 06282