Fruit-Line designed from the input of Fruit growers’ world wide. Fruit-Line is safe for trees; it will not cause bacterial canker as metal wire often does. Fruit-Line Monofilament (Polyamide) is ideal for high density trellising for stone fruits such as peaches, cherries and apricots along with apple orchards. Other applications for Fruit-Line include protective netting installations. Fruit-Line is a superior alternative to High Tensile Wire.

Fruit-Line’s excellent properties are based on the use of a high-quality raw material and on a rigorous production procedure. A UV and weather-resistant line, Fruit-Line users enjoy economical and long-lasting service.

The Fruit-Line Difference

  • No risk of development of bacterial canker with Fruit Line.
  • No need to re-tension as Fruit line is impervious to weather changes
  • Seven times lighter than metal wire
  • Higher tensile strength (PA^)
  • Installation is easier and faster
  • Virtually maintenance free, allowing workers to do more important tasks
  • White color provides higher visibility when pruning/training trees
  • UV and weather-stabilized
  • Reduced elongation monofilament, will hold fruit weight easily without sagging