FruitLine Trellis

fruit line FruitLine Monofil is the most technically advanced trellis material intended for the support of high density stone fruit orchards. Produced from Polyamide 6, FruitLine gives growers the advantage to securely support the growth of their trees while eliminating the chance of bacterial canker.

FruitLine has become the choice for trellis in tree fruit applications where lower maintenance and superior strength are needed.  Advantages are especially observed in states where seasonal climate change is prevalent, as FruitLine does not require re-tensioning following cold winters.

FruitLine’s excellent properties are based on the use of a high-quality, raw material and on a rigorous production procedure. FruitLine is UV protected and weather-resistant, giving users decades of economical service.

The FruitLine Trellis Difference

  • No risk of development of bacterial canker
  • No need to re-tension as FruitLine is impervious to weather changes
  • Seven times lighter than metal wire
  • Higher tensile strength than wire
  • Installation time is reduced by up to 50%
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • White color provides higher visibility when pruning/training trees
  • UV and weather-stabilized
  • Reduced elongation monofilament, holds fruit weight without sagging
  • Can be used with any training system and post type
  • Can be started with simple knot which greatly lowers cost of accessories