FruitLine Trellis Advantages Over Metal Wire

  • Wireless – Will not cause bacterial canker.
  • Proven History – Over thirty years of successful agricultural use worldwide.
  • Safety – Limited recoil if broken.
  • Maintenance Free – No re-tensioning required due to low thermal coefficient.
  • Lightweight – Seven times lighter than wire.
  • Corrosion Free – Features a permanent, smooth surface that prevents friction and eliminates damage of plant tissue.
  • Visible – White in color. Enhances visibility when pruning/training trees.
  • Non-conductive – Does not draw lightning, saving plants and irrigation systems.
  • High Insulation – FruitLine Trellis will not carry heat or cold protecting plants from contact frost damage.
  • UV Resistant Throughout – Preserving tenacity and function for decades.
  • Inert – Resistant to pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.
  • Easy Installation –  Begin row with easy to tie knot; stretch 3%; end with Vice, Gripple, or knot.
  • Strong – Load capacity is greater than wire.
  • Competitively Priced with Steel Wire – Lower priced when factoring in reduced cost of shipping, quicker installation time, lower accessory costs, and less maintenance time.