FruitLine Trellis can be attached to anchor posts with recommended knots, anchor vices, Gripples or crimps. The end posts should be properly secured to withstand the pull from the tensioned trellis lines.

FruitLine can be attached to intermediate posts with staples, wood post clips, J-R clips or other similar means.  Drilling intermediate wood posts is also a viable option.  For long term installations involving “sharp” metal cross bars or line posts, plastic protective shielding is recommended to insulate the FruitLine Trellis from abrasive contact

Proper tension is achieved by stretching the FruitLine Trellis 3% (and no more than 4%) of the row length.  For example, when installing a row of 100 feet, it is proper to stretch or pull 3 feet of line (3% off 100 feet) through the end Gripple or vice.  These devices will securely hold the tension in the line.

Hand tensioning is possible with the 3.0mm FruitLine and in short rows with the 4.0mm FruitLine.  Longer rows with the 4.0 and 5.0mm FruitLine it is recommended to use a torq tool or fence stretcher.  A tractor or any similar vehicle can also be utilized for easy tensioning.




GP No. 1 – Used with 3.0mm FruitLine.

GP No. 2 – Used with 4.0mm FruitLine.

Gripple D6 – Used with 5.0mm FruitLine.