OysterLine, new name, same Bayco Quality!

OysterLine is made of Bayco Monofilament which has been modified to deliver the same high tensile strength within a smaller diameter which allows for more ease of positioning the outer sleeves which are often used with adjustable long line systems.  This allows the long line to accommodate commercially available oyster basket clips.  In addition, OysterLine has been designed to have less flex which makes tensioning easier when installing.

OysterLine is is available with 5mm in diameter and depending on the product has a tensile strength from 1,830 – 2,200 lbs. OysterLine is easily dispensed without tangling by using a spinning jenny and then cutting to the proper length.  Since OysterLine is wire free it is lightweight and arrives in its own box to reduce shipping. OysterLine is available for direct purchase from Ag-Liner Inc. and from select dealers.  We ship same day via UPS Ground Ship.

Also available from Ag-Liner Inc. are custom made US made outer sleeves. Custom orders of less than 11,000ft will incur a machine set up fee.

  • Easier installation with new lower stretch
  • Stronger than all other long line alternatives, without using wire
  • Will not rust, rot, or corrode
  • Solid throughout giving OysterLine years of performance
  • UV Protected